AirPlay Audio Receiver.

Wirelessly play audio from iPhones, iPads, Macs, Apple TVs, Windows PCs and more!


Simply put, TuneAero is an AirPlay audio receiver (Windows software). AirPlay is Apple's protocol for media streaming on a local network. Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Mac and Apple TV have built-in support for streaming audio from any application to TuneAero.

Not only Apple devices can stream to TuneAero, applications (such as TuneBlade for Windows) on other systems enable streaming all audio to TuneAero. iTunes (Windows and Mac) can stream audio to TuneAero.

Synchronization support for multi-room music system
AirPlay audio senders such as iTunes (Mac and PC), TuneBlade (PC) and WHAALE (iOS) can stream audio to multiple speakers at the same time. Being in sync with other receivers makes TuneAero a perfect addition to a multi-room music system.

Perfect audio-video synchronization
TuneAero plays audio in sync with any video played on iPhone, iPad, Mac* and Apple TV to make your movie watching experience a joy.
Uncompressed CD Quality Streaming
Enjoy premium CD quality audio with TuneAero. As TuneAero receives streams over a local network, it can easily handle streams with data rates of uncompressed CD quality audio using a lossless codec.

Run Multiple AirPlay Receivers
Configure TuneAero to receive multiple AirPlay streams, and play each stream on separate speakers (sound cards / system audio out devices). This is especially useful if each speaker is in different part of the house.

Play an AirPlay stream to multiple speakers
Configure an AirPlay stream to render audio to multiple speakers (sound cards /system audio out devices) simultaneously. This is especially useful to play audio to a set of speakers in a specific area of the house.


Windows Works on Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista

Version Release Notes

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Without a valid license, streaming stops every 15 minutes. No limitation on reconnecting.

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